rack me, 11/34 style

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri Apr 6 16:32:35 CDT 2007

Following Jay's excellent lead, I bought the 'correct' rack slides for
my 11/34 a few months ago.  Today I took some time and put the 11/34 in
the rack.

The best part was tilting it 90 degrees to get access to the backplane!
woo hoo! nerd heaven!

Oddly, when I rotated it I heard a strange metal tinlking/clinking.
hmmm... took bottom off and found a metal circular key wedged in the
bottom wires.  now *that* could have caused some problems!

wonder what it's for.  the 11/34 has no key.

anyway, thanks for the inspiration jay!


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