IBM PC printer adapter schematic

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Fri Apr 6 16:13:45 CDT 2007

On 4/5/07, Tony Duell <ard at> wrote:
> There are minor differences, mainly due to the fact that the MDA card's
> printer port is at a different address (you can have the MDA card _and_ 2
> printer adapters in the same machine).

That's handy to know - every once in a while, I long for a machine
with 2 or 3 parallel adapters, for things like old Connectix cameras,
LCD displays and the like.  I've never assembled an ISA machine with
more than one printer adapter.  I know that it really doesn't matter
to your own code what the I/O address is, but I wasn't sure how
flexible the underlying hardware might be to being assigned to
alternate addresses.


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