Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at
Fri Apr 6 19:50:19 CDT 2007

info wrote:
> I need or should use a MFM drive. I know the RLL drives used a better 
> recording surface to get more data in the same size but the controller 
> is a MFM st506 from a Cromemco 250 system so it only knows MFM. I 
> guess I could use a RLL drive and low level format it but I don't 
> remember if that caused problems or not. Thanks

While I've never done it, I'd imagine this would be OK.  I know people who
formatted MFM drives with RLL controllers.  Most worked OK.. but I think
some had problems longer term.

-- Curt

> Chuck Guzis wrote:
>> On 5 Apr 2007 at 16:48, info wrote:
>>> Does anyone know of a place to get a ST506 MFM drive? I have googled 
>>> but can't seem to located a new or pulled drive. I would one that is 
>>> 40Meg or larger. Thanks
>> I'm confused.   Do you mean a drive with an ST412 interface and not 
>> an actual ST506 (5MB unbuffered seek) drive?  There should be some of 
>> those kicking around, surely. 
>> Cheers,
>> Chuck

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