Basic Four computer

jim jwstephens at
Sat Apr 7 00:12:28 CDT 2007

Jay West wrote:

> Ed wrote....
>> De description reads 'Baisc Four computer, complete with monitor, 
>> printer,
>> cabling, documentation and a box of tapes.'
>> Link to the ad is
> Sweet... always kinda sorta half-way wanted one of those :)
> Jay
I think this is a later version than the one which used the 1600 that
Microdata made.  The original ones had Diablo drives, and I think
this is a later disk drive.  Also the front panel of the system was
a 1600 with blue and black paint.  This one is a different model,
so is probably their hardware.

They used a form factor that was about 4" longer than 1600
boards, but their card cages could take both the 10" microdata
boards, as well as 14" basic 4 ones.  Also they switched to
"mos" memory sooner than microdata and had a 120k and
later up to 2mb (I think) versions before abandoning the
micodata for 68000 cpus.

The real find here is the Centronics 101 or 103, and the
original basic 4 terminal.  Those are kind of unusual with
the later system box this represents.  I would have expected
to find a band printer, or a Printronix 300 with a system of
this age, not the Centronics.

Hope someone can snag this one.

Also Al would be well served to have the documentation
and tapes for the CHM collection, if not the entire system.


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