8-bit ISA SCSI cards?

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Sat Apr 7 03:56:13 CDT 2007

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> If you're interested in an SCSI adapter-only card (no floppy 
> support), a Trantor (or Adaptec) T130/AHA130  or T160/MA160 is pretty 
> good.  Boot ROM is optional, so be careful.

T160 is 16-bit only, but good catch about the T130, I'll look for that, 

> I really liked the DTC 3180 (with floppy controller) and 3150 
> (without) cards.  IIRC, the 3180 will allow you to place 3 floppy 
> drives on a single 34-conductor cable.  I've got the docs somewhere 
> for many of the DTC controllers.  These had boot ROMs.

3180 is 16-bit only.  3150 is 8-bit, so I'll look for that too, thanks.

> While I can't recall, I believe that Future Domain had an 8-bit ISA 
> controller and Ultrastor may also have had one.  I can check my old 
> catalogs to see.  The biggest problem for some of these is finding 
> drivers.

But with a boot ROM I don't need drivers, yes?  As for Future Domain, 
they seem rare but any TMC-8XX seems like it will work.  All Ultrastors 
were 16-bit so those are out.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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