8-bit ISA SCSI cards?

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Sat Apr 7 16:15:35 CDT 2007

Teo Zenios wrote:
 > I have a VVSCD-08 V1.2 card with a Future Domain TMC-950 chip on it.

16-bit only, but thank you for offering, I appreciate it.

> Having CGA and VGA on the
> same machine with dual monitors would be kind of interesting.

It certainly would be, considering that it's impossible :-)  CGA and VGA 
both have adapter RAM at B800:0000.  You can still do dual-monitor, but 
it would have to be Mono/Herc and CGA or Mono/Herc and VGA.  Mono/Herc 
has RAM at B000:0000 and doesn't overlap.  Many debuggers support this 

 > Someday if I snag  an XT or Tandy 1000 Desktop I plan on using the 8
 > bit SCSI as well as an 8 bit Paradise VGA card in it.

You can't put VGA into a Tandy 1000 because the Tandy video cannot be 
disabled, IIRC.  There were a few Tandy 1000 models that had VGA 
onboard, but while they supported Tandy 3-voice sound+DAC, they did not 
support Tandy 16-color graphics.
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