TU56/TC11 configuration

Ashley Carder wacarder at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 9 08:10:16 CDT 2007

I am getting ready to hook up a TU56 and TC11 to a PDP-11/40 system.  I was curious if anyone else here on this list has a working TC11.  My TU56 seems to work fine in standalone mode (not connected to the TC11), connected to an H720 Power supply.  The capacitors are not leaky and seem to be working fine, although I know I should re-form them or replace them at some point.  All voltages are correct coming from the H720.  The toggle switches and lights on the TU56 are all working properly and will run a loaded Dectape in forward or reverse.

My current 11/40 configuration has the full 11/40 CPU with all optional modules (EIS, MMU, FIS, M7237, M787), 128KW M7891 MOS memory, RL11 controller, RX01 controller, M7819 EIA DZ11, M7814 20mA DZ11, and an RK11 controller.  I currently have an RL01, two RL02s, and a couple of RK05s, and an RX01, and they are all functional.  In the last "Unibus Out" slot (which happens to be on the RK11 controller), I have an M9312 bootstrap terminator card.  I have various working terminals (VT05, VT52, VT100, LA36, LA120, ASR33) connected via the EIA and 20mA DZ11s.  This system works properly and I have used it to boot and run my custom configured RSTS/E V7 system, as well as RT11 and XXDP.

Can anyone with a working TC11 verify that the following will work:

I will remove the M9312 from the RK11 and replace it with a BC11-A Unibus cable, which will connect to the Unibus-In slot on the TC11.  In the Unibus Out slot of the TC11, I will place the M9312 bootstrap terminator card.  The TC11 will be connected to the TU56 with the M908 and W032 cables.

Is this the correct way to add the TC11 to my current setup and properly terminate the Unibus by moving the M9312 to the TC11?

Does anyone else out there have a working TC11/TU56 on a PDP-11?  I am aware of numerous working TU56 / PDP-8 systems, but don't know of anyone who has a TU56 working on a PDP-11.  I know people who have them sitting in a rack for "show and tell", but not connected and running.

I also have a TU55 (single unit) DecTape drive.  Are the TU55 drives compatible with the TC11?  Can a TU55 drive be added to the above configuration and be configured as a 3rd DecTape drive?  Or are the TU55 drives not compatible with the TC11?  I have skimmed the TC11 manuals and did not see mention of the older TU55 drives.  

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Ashley Carder

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