HP2100A core memory (period) prices

Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Mon Apr 9 15:58:14 CDT 2007

Thanks for the info, Bob and Jay, I'll forward it all on, along with the
following summary:

>  Bob's data shows about    $1000 / (1024 words * 17 bits) in 1969 for HP 2116B
>  Jay's data shows about $300-400 / (1024 words * 17 bits) in 1977 for HP 2100A/S

>  One thing to note is that the 1969 pricing is for a current product, while the
>  1977 values are for an old product which by then had been superseded by newer
>  CPU models (HP 2100A/S superseded by HP 21MX models).

On a related note, congrats to the list member that won the HP 2116C on ebay.

(Somebody else was joking about nerd heaven and the way the cage of their
PDP-11 rotated on it's rails. Similarly, one of the cool features of the 2116 is
the way the card cage slides out on 4 hidden solid aluminum rails, 2 of the rails
split in half and the entire card cage swings to one side for access to the backplane
and power supply. The whole machine is constructed with thick cast/machined aluminum,
stainless steel hardware, full coverage gold plate on the boards - the epitome
of HP
engineering in it's day.)

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