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Mon Apr 9 18:25:05 CDT 2007

--- Bryan Pope <bpope at> wrote:

> And thusly were the wise words spake by Sridhar
> Ayengar
> > 
> > I have a truly gigantic pile (pile takes up more
> space than many of my 
> > mainframe CPU's) of 8-bit ethernet NIC's.  Are
> they really that rare?
> > 
> I would hate to be the NIC at the bottom of that
> pile! %-(
> Cheers,
> Bryan

 This reminds me of a firesale I once attended in
Middletown, NY. A local chain in Long Island called
Computer Factory rented out a warehouse and proceeded
to sell off loads and loads of groovy stuff. Tucked in
the back of the place was a huge cardboard box filled
to the brim w/apparently flawed isa cards and whatnot.
To walk by that area was like walking through a ticker
tape parade of copper clad epoxy. At the time I really
couldn't understand what they were getting all excited
over. Scrounging ram chips? I didn't care much though.
I bought my first VGA card for I think $32. I bought a
brand new ram expansion package for the Mac Plus
(still got it) for $10. One lady was looking to tackle
me for it. And I didn't even own a Mac LOL LOL. Most
of the prices were pretty reasonable, but the brand
new MS Fortran package, sealed, 10.0 IIRC, was going
for either $100 or $200, and I said no way.
 I was real real sorry I had missed an earlier sale
somewhere in Nassau or Queens. Brand new in the box
Lisas were going for $200. This was in 1990. I'm
curious what those who did purchase them up intend to
so with them.

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