TU56/TC11 configuration

Christian Corti cc at corti-net.de
Tue Apr 10 03:43:30 CDT 2007

On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Ashley Carder wrote:
> I will remove the M9312 from the RK11 and replace it with a BC11-A 
> Unibus cable, which will connect to the Unibus-In slot on the TC11.  In 
> the Unibus Out slot of the TC11, I will place the M9312 bootstrap 
> terminator card.  The TC11 will be connected to the TU56 with the M908 
> and W032 cables.
> Is this the correct way to add the TC11 to my current setup and properly 
> terminate the Unibus by moving the M9312 to the TC11?

Yes, that's the correct way, although I have the M9312 in the CPU box 
(11/34) and a M9302 as the "outside" bus terminator.

> Does anyone else out there have a working TC11/TU56 on a PDP-11?  I am 
> aware of numerous working TU56 / PDP-8 systems, but don't know of anyone 
> who has a TU56 working on a PDP-11.  I know people who have them sitting 
> in a rack for "show and tell", but not connected and running.

Well, we have a 11/34 with TM11/TU10,RK11D/RK05,RL01,RL02,RA80,PC11/PC05 
and since at least two years TC11/TU56, everything is in working 

> I also have a TU55 (single unit) DecTape drive.  Are the TU55 drives 
> compatible with the TC11?  Can a TU55 drive be added to the above 
> configuration and be configured as a 3rd DecTape drive?  Or are the TU55 
> drives not compatible with the TC11?  I have skimmed the TC11 manuals 
> and did not see mention of the older TU55 drives.

I don't know, do you really mean TU55 (the old DECtape)? I ask because 
there was a single drive TU56 called TU56H (H for "half").


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