*nix on "classic" systems

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue Apr 10 12:27:52 CDT 2007

>>> It seems that you could take a fork of NetBSD 1.x [...]
>> I've been doing that for the past seven years (I froze at 1.4T in
>> February 2000).
> And what about security?  Are you patching the packages yourself?

When they're things I use, yes.  They seldom are.

>> It hasn't gone anywhere as far as I can tell.
> Sorry, I don't understand what you mean here. :(
> What was supposed to go where? :-)

The question asked about a "modern" Unix variant.  An OS that stays
fixed will cease to become "modern", with a speed that depends on how
stringently you define "modern".

If your idea of "modern" is "anything post-4.4Lite" then my
frozen-at-1.4T should do fine.  If it includes things like SATA
support, sparc64 support, etc - all the things that NetBSD has done
since February 2000 - then it won't.

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