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> On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 01:12:46PM -0500, dave06a at dunfield.com wrote:
> > I've still got a couple copies of early QNX which ran on 8088 machines,
> Are they up for downloads some where?  I'd love to give them a try on
> some of my 8088 and 8086 boxes.

Quantum is still very much in business, so I would not feel comfortable in
posting even old versions. There's also an issue that the disks are copy
protected - I don't know if they would image or not - I do recall that at least
one of the copy programs from the era would copy them.

Their copy protection was a bit odd, and I really didn't like it because they
required you to allow the floppy to be written - When you installed on a
hard drive, it marked the floppy as having been installed - you could still
boot from it, but you could not install to a hard drive again. If you wanted
to move, they had a program which would erase it from the hard drive and
put the marker back on the floppy - no allowance at all for a hard drive
failure etc. -  I liked QNX and probably would have continued with it had it
not been for such an unreasonable CP system.

There is a bootable demo disk that they used to give away - this might
be OK for you to try.


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