World's first computer on ebay!

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Thu Apr 12 02:42:54 CDT 2007

woodelf wrote:

> Patrick Finnegan wrote:
>> As I've learned before from this list, the only thing which that question 
>> generates is a flamewar about what is a computer, and what's a "home 
>> computer".
> I have yet to see a real HOME computer. Most game boxes I have seen
> - Coco, C-64 ect. where marketed as home computers but what do you need
> a home computer for?

To assist you in managing your household, or Course! A home computer would
be, I imagine, a computer installed somewhere in a closet or the basement,
and it'd have connections for thin clients all through the house. It'd
control your furnace, communications systems, lighting, heating, water
supply, you name it. You'd use it to determine at what level of ambient
light the room lighting switches on and at what times the curtains open
and close, or what temperature your bedroom needs to be a the time you
get up on workdays. It'd make sure your bath tub is filled at the right
time. and that your toast and coffee are ready in the kitchen when you
finish your bath, displaying your email on the kitchen's display while
you breakfast.

No, haven't seen many of them, yet. Only in a few proof-of-concept "home of
the future" type projects.


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