Marvin Johnston marvin at rain.org
Thu Apr 12 10:34:34 CDT 2007

The version I worked with for a client was circa late 1980's. Basically it was
software that would support multi-tasking on one CPU. It was installed on an
original IBM 6 MHz AT and was fairly slow but did save the expense of another
computer by using a terminal instead. They also sold some hardware that was
basically a four-port serial card/connectors for attaching to the terminals thus
allowing multiple operations. As I said, the whole things was fairly slow then,
but worked well for something like word processing.

> I was looking for something else and ran across a two-binder set of
> something called "PC-MOS" by The Software Link, circa 1992.  I opened
> the shrinkwrap on the nstallation manual and the thing looks like
> it's a multi-user version of MS-DOS, talking to terminals.    I
> appear to have a 5 user version.
> Anyone familiar with this animal?  The version is 4.2.
> Cheers,
> Chuck

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