Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 11:41:19 CDT 2007

On 4/12/07, George Currie <g at kurico.com> wrote:
> Chuck Guzis wrote:
> > I was looking for something else and ran across a two-binder set of
> > something called "PC-MOS" by The Software Link, circa 1992.
> >
> As others have mentioned, it allowed you to connect terminals to a PC
> and have each terminal act as a virtual PC.

Hmm... sounds like what the Amiga did out of the box with a "newcli
<AUX:"  I used to hang a VT220 off of my Amiga and read e-mail and
NetNews (aquired via UUCP and read off-line) while my flatmate played
"Silent Service".

Nice to hear someone did that with a DOS box - back then, we'd have
sworn it couldn't be done.


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