*nix on "classic" systems

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Thu Apr 12 12:56:17 CDT 2007

Pete writes:

>> FBOFW, modern "free" *nix ports tend to use gcc, and gcc is
>> such a resource hog for anything smaller than a VAX. Even on
>> a VAX it's colossaly slow.
> Augh....any idea how it fares on, say, Sun or SGI machines?

GCC runs OK on SGIs, provided that you have a version that coexists 
with the version of IRIX that you're running (later (3.2+) versions 
don't like pre-5 IRIXes. GCC will likely be quite unsatisfactory, 
though, because the optimization on MIPS machines is not very good, and 
especially bad with 2.x versions. Pre 3.4 versions don't play nicely 
with MIPSpro/MIPSCC object code, either.

SPARC is better, indeed for C++ or ANSI C on SunOS4 you will probably 
have to use gcc, since Sun's ANSI and C++ compilers are both hard to 
come by and nodelocked.

POWER/PowerPC is probably the best of the RISCs as far as GCC support 
goes. Apple's adoption of gcc for System 10 led to a number of 
improvements in the code generator for PPC.

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