Ensor classiccmp at
Fri Apr 13 19:32:31 CDT 2007


  > I beleive (although, like you I've not checked because, also like
  >you, I have as little to do with Sinclair machines as possible)....

It's not that I don't appreciate the skilful design work which went into the 
ZX-80/81/Spectrum (much of which seems to be cribbed from "The Cheap Video 
Cookbook" BTW), it's just that the first machine I had at home was a ZX-80 
and programming the thing was a nightmare.

You were constantly having to program "around the system" because of the 
"tight" way the hardware and firmware were tied together. It really was a 
never ending, uphill battle, to get the thing to do anything useful which 
eventually just got plain annoying....

I've not actually touched a Sinclair machine since I got my first Atari in 
1983; and I hope never to again.... ;-)

  TTFN - Pete.

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