Dreaming of a lean installation method

davis davis at saw.net
Sat Apr 14 04:36:18 CDT 2007

Ensor wrote:

> Hi,
>  > I bought the MINIX version for the Atari ST and installed it, but
>  >I used it as a toy, I don't remember recompiling the kernal. It had
>  >full kernal source, and all the tools to rebuild....
> It sure came with the sources, but I'm 99.999999999999% certain you 
> could not rebuild the kernal because no compiler was included in the 
> distribution.
>  >....I think you're mistaken saying it was useless.
> It certainly fulfilled it's aim of being a platform to learn about 
> modern OS design and implementation, but without applications or a way 
> to develop them, it's usefulness is ultimately limited (by what is 
> included in the distribution).
> Don't forget, very few people had 'net access back then, those of us 
> who were on-line were mostly on FidoNet and there was nothing online 
> for Minix that I could find (and I tried pretty hard).
>  >....supplied device access and process management was a good base to
>  >develop....
> As long as you have a development tool.... :-)
>  >....Anything with a prompt.
> LOL, the 6809 assembler I'm using at the moment is run from the 
> command line (though I'm firing it up through a batch file and editing 
> the source with "notepad" - who needs an IDE?).
>  TTFN - Pete.
I can't believe that MINIX lacked a C compiler and a 68K assembler. 
That's like giving away free cigarettes without matches. I googled 
around and as far as I can tell, the tools did exist. I'm going to 
install it on a emulator and see if you're correct.
To Be Continued....

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