HP "calculators" (was Re: World's first computer on ebay!)

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sun Apr 15 01:12:27 CDT 2007

>> I'm tempted to try to find one purely for nostalgia reasons.
>> (Tempted.  I probably won't actually do it, unless one more or less
>> falls into my lap cheap.  For one thing, I've been too spoiled since
>> then by using much more powerful and pleasant languages.)
> If you want to run the old programs and get the feel of the machine
> again, I am told there's a pretty good HP98x0 emulator on the web,
> and I think it's open-sourve (and maybe written in Java, but I
> wouldn't bet on that).

The nostalgia value would come at least in large part from the printer,
the display, the keyboard feel...things no emulator can do.

I also suspect that the machine I used had a bunch of the optional
software ROMs, like the one that provides trig, which I would expect to
also be difficult to find.

Thanks for the tip, though.  Perhaps someday.

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