Help to identify a Selectric based terminal.

Bob Rosenbloom bobalan at
Tue Apr 17 01:00:16 CDT 2007

The IBM MAG card Selectric's are not too hard to find. Their not cheap, 
about $50 each, but I've found two in the last year.
I have not tried to interface one yet but I do have the manuals and 
don't think it would be too hard. Also, they made a "Communications
MAG Card Typewriter" that has some sort of interface on it. I just 
missed one a few months ago. Another thing to look out for is
the military I/O Selectric's. I bought two from govliquidation a few 
years ago. Both have some damage from poor shipping though.
These have a big round military (ITT/Cannon) type connector and I have 
yet to find any info on them. I was lucky to find them, they were listed
as "Human Communication Device, Typewriter"!

My real quest is a "Model B" I/O typewriter as was used on the IBM 1620, 
model 1. Probably end up with a bunch of solenoids
under a standard typewriter!


Billy Pettit wrote:
> Richard wrote:
> Dude!  That is very similar to the 2741-ish terminal that I used in
> 1979 and ran at 134.5 baud.  I have been looking high and low for even
> a picture of this puppy and you got one, you lucky bastard! :-)
> [snip]
> If you want to unload that beast, just let me know as its something
> I've really been looking hard for over the past couple of years!

I second that.  I've been looking for Selectric based terminals, stand
alones, Durawriters, & console I/O writers for many years.  Never found a
single one.

What a great find.  I'll stand right behind Richard should you ever want to
part with it.


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