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>At 11:57 AM +1000 4/18/07, Doug Jackson wrote:
>>Some have questioned the number of people on the list who have CP/M systems.

I have a few peices mostly cp/m based but others are there.


Collection of operational hardware:

PDP-8 based machines:
2 Decmate-IIIs OS/278
Intersil sampler (6100 chipset)
6120 based board, homebrew

PDP-11 based machines:
1 LSI-11/03 rx02
2 PDP11/23 BA11S boxes, various hardware configs
1 pdp11/73 RACK SYSTEM (RX02, RD52, RX33, RL02).
BA11va with 11/23 +tu58
PDT11/130 11/03 with tu58 dectapeII
Homebrew design using T-11 (the 40pin PDP11)
Rt-11, XXDP-11 and unix V6

VAX based machines:
Microvax-II (ba23 based)
Microvax-II/GPX (Ba123 based, SCSI disks)
3 Microvax2000 all with RD53 or 54 drives, one with ultrix
2 Microvax3100/m76/gpx
3 Microvax3100/server (not M10e)
VMSv5.4-4,V5.54, V7.2, Ultrix 4.2

CPM speaking machines:
S100 subgroup
Altair8800(pre-A) Built jan 1975 SN200!
Altair 8800B-T complete, factory 1978
2 Northstar horizon, CP/M, NS*dos, hard disk (one I built in '77)
CCS-2200 CP/M2.2 
Compupro full boat with 8085/8088 card and MPX-1 (CCPM)
Netronics 8085  w/VDM1

SBC/bounded systems:
AmproLB+ CMOS modded and running with 45mb 3.5" SCSI
SB180 with SCSI adaptor, adptec scsi bridge and 20mb CPM2.2
3 Visual technolgies 1050, CPM-3 two with outboard 10mb SCSI disk
Kaypro 4/84 w/handyman and Advent turborom+personality card
Kaypro II complete
1 Vt180 complete
2 Vt180 CP/M board built up as standalone one modded for 6mhz
1 Vt185 Thats a Vt125 + Vt180.
Osborne 1
Epson PX-8 with 120k ram wedge and 300bd modem wedge

Other buses (not s100):
NS* Advantage (hard disk)
2 Hurikon Z80 Multibus system CP/M2.2

MISC Single board computers and systems:
Motorola 6800D1 SBC with TBX
National SC/MP board
National Nibble basic [sc/mpII] SBC
NEC TK80A 8080a SBC with protocard
BCC180 Z180 controller
5 8085 SBC 4krom, 2kram, 3 8251 serial
Cosmac ELF orgional (built back in '78)
COSMAC ELF (TMSI TM100) expanded elf
EELF (Spare Time Gizmos Embedded elf)
DEC ADVICE, VAX chipset on an SBC for in circuit emulation.
IMSAI IMP48 (8035 based SBC)
Homebrew 8039 based SBC (switches and leds pannel!)
Prompt-48 804x development tool/system
NEC EVAkit-48 8048/9 development system/board
2 TI99A (with disks and SW)
Technico superstarter system with assembler roms (TI9900)
Tandy M100 portable
Commodore 128, I keep forgetting that one..

H19 terminal
Vt100/125 terminal
Vt1200 Xterminal
3 Vt320 terminal White, amber and green!
Vt340 Color Terminal
VK170 Vt52 on a dual width card

PC stuff of interest, generally I dont bother but these are interesting.
Intel Inboard386(upgrades an XT to 386/16 with 1.2mb ram)
Trackstar 128 (dual 6502 for ISA PC improvement)
AST sixpack pro
Tandy 1000hx (V20)

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