MicroVAX I back panel with KDJ11-B?

David Betz dbetz at xlisper.com
Thu Apr 19 06:54:17 CDT 2007

I seem to have my PDP-11 system running pretty well although it is  
still using a borrowed RX33 drive from a DECmate III+. I'm now  
looking to assemble it into a decent looking box. I'm using a BA23  
that started life as a MicroVAX I and so it has a back panel from an  
MVI. Can I use the module labeled "FUNCT SEL/SLU MODULE" from the MVI  
with the KDJ11-B processor? This is the module that has a rotary  
switch for selecting the baud rate and a jack to plug the console  
into along with  a switch to control the power up mode and a display  
to show the CPU status. Will the MVII panel work with the KDJ11-B  

Also, does anyone have a PDP-11 badge for the front of the machine  
that I can use to replace the one that says MicroVAX I?


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