Looking for: Any Commodore gear (not reselling or anything nefarious)

JP Hindin jplist2007 at kiwigeek.com
Thu Apr 19 11:07:27 CDT 2007

> On 19/04/07, JP Hindin <jplist2007 at kiwigeek.com> wrote:
> > Except the game carts - which I'm cannabalising for their connectors,
> > which seem to be darned expensive on their own - so if you have broken
> > carts, even better!
> Ummm, aren't those just .1" spaced contact two-sided card-edges?  My
> memory may be faulty, but I seem to remember taking prototype boards
> with 100 "tongues" per side (what _is_ the proper word?) and using a
> hacksaw to cut off the required amount and shape (22 per side?) to fit
> the expansion port shape.  It would also be a lot easier to solder
> to....
> (The proto boards may have been custom to the place I was working for...)

Ugh, I seemed to be doped up this morning. I was meaning the connectors
for the EXPANSION port, not game cartridges which, as you say, have
tongues and not slot headers.
The appropriate broken carts I would be looking for would be REUs and
similar for these headers.

My apologies for the confusion!


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