Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Thu Apr 19 12:18:22 CDT 2007

On Apr 18, 2007, at 9:20 PM, Warren Wolfe wrote:
>>    My office in 1988/1989 used a product called "VM/386 Multiuser"
>> which did a similar thing, using Wyse terminals.  Most DOS apps
>> worked very well, and it was fast.  It used the virtual '86 mode of
>> the 80386 processor.  We ran it on a cached 386DX/25 with three
>> terminals.
>>    A very different sort of thing, and long after PC-MOS, but worth
>> mentioning.  I'd love to find a copy of that again to play with; it
>> was good stuff.
>     I would point out that VM/386 did NOT just run DOS -- any  
> operating
> system could be loaded in a virtual machine, and run independently,
> along with DOS... or without DOS for that matter.

   Oh my, I was unaware of that...I thought it was DOS-only!  Now I  
MUST play with it again.

>   I'm glad you liked
> it...  It was written by some friends of mine in Okemos, Michigan.  It
> was a remarkably stable environment -- I always thought they should  
> have
> gotten rich and famous for their work.

   Well the next time you speak with them, tell them I said their  
product was fantastic. :-)  My office ran it for a long time; it did  
its job well and never gave us a lick of trouble.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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