CP/M survey

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Fri Apr 20 03:03:36 CDT 2007

On 19 Apr 2007 at 18:00, Allison wrote:

> Was that Charlie or Ted?  I'd like to see the report or erata mostly 
> since it would fit nicely in my NEC file.

I believe my contact was Rich Naro, but I'll have to check my old 
correspondence to make sure I'm not hallucinating.  

IIRC, there was also an interesting problem with the V20 and 
emulation mode using an 8087.  If you had an 8080 opcode that 
corresponded to an NDP instruction, doing a BRKEM near it could 
produce interesting results.  The fix was to fill 8 bytes either side 
of the BRKEM with some known non-NDP opcodes, like NOPs.

> By time the V20 hit the street I was running hand upd780s at 8mhz
> and had at least three s100 crates going.

When did the Z80H hit the street?  Now, you can get a VHDL version 
that runs in an FPGA at what, something like 40 MHz?  

> Still have it and use it, interesting tool.

Thank you.


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