Mac Rasterops Drivers

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> Teo,
> I don't have an archive but I should have several of the disks.  In
> fact I found one last night and will be happy to image and post it in
> a few days (I'll have to dig out a Mac with a floppy).  The reason
> you don't see drivers is because majority of the Mac Video Nubus
> cards contain the drivers in ROM on the card.  A lot of times, the
> "driver" ( I hate to call it that) simply put in an extension that
> toggled some bits in the PRAM for acceleration or such.  I use to be
> the engineering manager for Xceed Technology.  We used to buy a bunch
> of our competitors cards to test compatibility and MacBench our video
> cards against them.
> As I go through more of my floppies, I'll set aside the Rasterops
> ones I find.
> Rob
 I have a Micron Xceed ICDP-II, same company?

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