Lack of 8-bit threads (was Re: Linux question)

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Apr 22 01:20:48 CDT 2007

On 21 Apr 2007 at 23:30, Jim Leonard wrote:

> If the entire system was designed around the NTSC frequency (and one 
> would assume the 60Hz AC power to match) then how did a "euro" IBM PC 
> work?  Did it have 60Hz CGA as well?

I believe so, unless there was a very different CGA card for Europe.  
If there was, the Tech Ref is completely silent on the subject.

BTW, when we asked if the 5150 could simply be run from a 220V-120V 
50Hz stepdown transformer the answer came back quite emphatically:  
"No, you cannot--and if you try, it will void the warranty."  I 
pressed the sales people for specifics and they said something about 
"the power supply won't allow it".  AFAIK, the only line-frequency 
dependent part in the PSU was the AC fan--and 50Hz probably wouldn't 
have made a difference.  

I never did get a straight answer why IBM was being such a stick-in-
the-mud about the whole affair.   We ended up shipping some Stearns 
PCs instead.  While not 100% 5150-compatible, they did have 8 MHz 
8086s  and were somewhat zippier than the 5150.  They did the job.  I 
don't know if any of the Stearns PCs made it into collections. 


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