Quick survey on equipment

Ensor classiccmp at memory-alpha.org.uk
Sun Apr 22 21:01:29 CDT 2007


  > Although CPN isn't real CP/M, its an almost-compatible look-alike. A
  >Torch Z80 won't run real CP/M, though it will run a modest subset of
  >CP/M applications.

Agreed, this was the main reason I got rid of the system all those years 
ago....I'd already got several Beebs at that point (and had just picked up 
the "Visual 1050").

  >> PDP-11/23 + Z80-CP/M co-processor card
  > That's unusual too. Who made the Z80 card?

Again, I got rid of that particular machine quite a few years ago, I don't 
recall the manufacturer of the card.

It was a standard dual-width Q-Bus card, containing the Z80, 64K DRAM and 
various support chips. Communications with the board was done via a serial 
port located near the module's handle, with a pinout compatible with the 
ports on a DLV-11J.

That's about all I remember about it, I only ever firec up CP/M on it 
once....I was more interested in the DEC side of the system. ;-)

Perhaps I should've kept the card when I got rid of the machine, but then 
hindsight is a wonderful thing....

  >> Transam Tuscan
  > Another unusual one. Does it work?

You would have to ask about the machines I've parted with.... :-)

It was in working order when I got rid of it, but that was a few years ago 
and I'm no-longer in contact with the chap who had it from me.

I hadn't realised how rare these machines are, otherwise I might've kept 
hold of it. But it's the usual story of too many machines and not enough 

  TTFN - Pete.

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