AS/400 available for pickup (UK only) [Second call]

Doc Shipley doc at
Mon Apr 23 05:48:28 CDT 2007

Ensor wrote:
> I believe it's a model 9404, with an expansion cabinet - each cabinet is 
> similar in size to a DEC BA123 cabinet, IE not massive, but big 
> enough.... And that's all I know about it, I've never even plugged it in!
> Alternatively, does anyone have an address/phone number of a UK based 
> IBM dealer/scrapper who'd come and haul this machine away (there's 
> currently a skip located two houses down from where I live, I'm 
> resisting the temptation for now....)?

   If anyone's interested and and it's on the way to the scrap pile, 
that machine probably has a YE Data YD-180 8" floppy drive in it.  It's 
a very nice 24VDC/5VDC half-height drive.


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