govliq: Rolm on govliquidation...

Erik Baigar erik at
Mon Apr 23 11:26:50 CDT 2007

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007, Richard wrote:
> Erik, that certainly looks like a couple of good lots because there's
> not a lot of other junk tossed in.
> Someone please rescue these!

Of course I'd happy if someone would be relay in sending
these to me (I'd offer some $$$ for thie) but I suppose 
anyone doing the work on getting them, will keep them  ;-)

This is bad luck - Rolms are not that rare on govliquidation, 
but it is very difficult to make an arrangement for shipping
via a carrier from over here. 

Additionally I do not understand why often Rolm 1666b goes 
without demil requirement but the 1602 or the silly operators
console require demil???!??

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