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> Richard wrote....
> > Then they replied that there were no "comments" on my previous order
> > with them indicating that they had fucked up.  My response was:
> >
> >    That's capitalism, baby.  You lose, someone else wins.
> Yes, true. But perhaps it would have been a good thing to give them the 
> feedback on the earlier shipment at the time of the shipment?

I guess the way I see it is that if they want to improve their
business, they could survey me for how I feel about the job they did.

Remember, it wasn't just the way it was shipped, it was also the way
they handled my order and payment.  It was bumbling all the way
through and I never talked to the same person twice.

> Perhaps what they were referring to with that statement was "when the new 
> company you are now using trashes your stuff maybe you'll jump back to us". 
> ;)

Yes, that is what they intended, but it totally backfired as they are
the ones who did a shitty job, while C&F has done awesome work both
the times I've used them.
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