Dayton, approaching fast

Jason T silent700 at
Mon Apr 23 20:30:14 CDT 2007

I'd like to attend this year, so please do post any info about a meet-up.

I went last year, which was the first time I had gone since 1996 or
so.  I was pretty disappointed by the lack of old computer (or phone,
my other collecting hobby) gear there.  I did pick up a couple
interesting items including a Radio Shack Videotex terminal (precursor
to the CoCo) for $5 and a couple Decwriters from Don Kehoe.  But in
general, I've had better luck at some local fests.

It's been my opinion for the last couple years that ebay is killing
the hamfest market, at least for things I look for.  What say you all?


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