XT IDE (was Re: Junkbox CP/M system?)

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 26 08:50:44 CDT 2007

Ethan Dicks wrote:
>> That worries me about the Amiga one. It does have a SCSI connector 
>> within the
>> A590 I think, but I'm not sure how picky it is about what drives it'll 
>> work with.
> Not very picky.  You'll find that with the Kickstart version in your
> machine, you are limited to 4GB or less for drive size, but other than
> that, as long the drive answers the packet for drive capacity (ACB4000
> MFM bridge wouldn't answer, for example, but every embedded SCSI drive
> I know of will), the AmigaDOS drivers will be happy.

Ok... so it doesn't need a SCSI drive that's happy with being low level 
formatted to something other than a 512 byte sector size, for instance? I 
don't think many drives - particularly newer ones - can handle that...

>> Unfortunately SCSI drives of 36GB and up don't seem to
>> be readily available.
> I got a few in 2003, cheap, but I'm not seeing server drives as
> abundantly as I used to.  The ones behind me are loaded with "SAS"
> (Serial-attached-SCSI, AFAIK), so perhaps the days of SCA-connector
> UltraWIDE SCSI drives are waning at last.

I think many of them are still in service which is why they haven't turned up 
used - plus there's more paranoia these days about data security, so I wonder 
if more are going to the shredders without being recycled as working units.

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