Acorn Second Processors

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On 28/04/2007 05:18, Ensor wrote:

> Changing the subject slightly, IIRC the original "Acorn 6502 Second 
> Processor" cheese-wedge was just that, a faster 6502?

Actualy, it's a 3MHz 65C02.

> Did Acorn ever release a "cheese-wedge" 65c02 or 65816?

See above :-)

>? Also, is it 
> possible to replace the 6502 in one of these with a 65c02; not that I'd 
> actually try it, unless the 6502 was socketed, but I recall having BIG 
> problems (in fact, total failure IIRC?) when I tried running a 65c02 in 
> a Model B sometime in the early 90's?

I can't think why -- it's a drop-in replacement and lots of people have 
done it.  Sometimes you need to change the 74LS245 data bus buffer 
that's near the 6502 to get best results, but usually only if a Second 
Processor unit is involved.

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