Bryan Pope bpope at
Wed Aug 1 21:35:32 CDT 2007

And thusly were the wise words spake by Warren Wolfe
> one for a good cause.  However, I have had dealings with Sellam, and I
> have only found a couple of people in my entire life who are as
> personally abusive.  I would certainly NEVER get involved in something
> as complex and long-lasting as a computer show with him, and I suspect
> others know him even better than I.  This might be a factor in nobody
> else wanting to put on a UK show.

What is your problem?  Where do you even begin in saying he is 
abusive?!  I have known him since VCF East 1.0 (2001) and I have 
never found him in any way abusive.  He may seem at times to go 
off on a rant about what someone says but there is always a good 
reason behind it.  He is *very* passionate about vintage 
computers, so much that it is *all* he does.  I really do not 
get what some people here have against him...  

I also do not want to belittle anybody else - everybody here is 
doing their own part in contributing to the preservation of all 
that is vintage computers.  I just do not understand why some 
people have to take pot shots whenever his name or what he 
specifically does is mentioned.  




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