Roger Holmes roger.holmes at
Thu Aug 2 04:50:59 CDT 2007

First a simple question, how many readers of this list are in the UK?

If Bletchley Park might be able to do a VCF in two or three years  
time, maybe we could do something much simpler in the mean time,  
without using the VCF name. Just a get together of anyone in the UK  
with an interest in old computers and hopefully a few who would want  
to exhibit theirs. Who would be interested and about how much space,  
if any would they want?

I guess we would need to double that up to allow for aisles etc. Then  
we'll know the size of venues to look for. By the way, I was really  
thrown by the mention of the planet Venus, it took me a while to work  
out it was a typo for venues :-)

Then there's the question of vehicle parking. How many and are we  
talking only cars and small vans or big vans and articulated lorries?

who is planning a 1300 sq ft extension to his computer room, and who  
lives on a farm in Kent. Probably too small and not central enough,  
but who knows.

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