Semi-OT: Interesting or unusual PC Compatibles?

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Sun Aug 5 01:59:20 CDT 2007

Chris M wrote:
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>  would a decent eye loupe do the trick, as far as
> determining where the problem lay? Truthfully I've had
> problem power supplies in the past, and nailed each
> solder junction (on the underside of the board) w/a
> hot iron, and it always seemed to work like a charm
> (can't remember why I suspected it was cracked solder
> though). Soldering iron tips are made of copper, so I
> don't see any reason why I couldn't chisel one down
> for a specific task. Any thoughts? Am I courting
> disaster?
> From what I understand about the problem, just remelting the junctions and not applying solder will do the trick. I'm not sure how long this type of fix will work. The tricky part is not being too ham-handed and blobbing the connections together. There is much written about this problem, a few years ago, more than one repair house would do it for $150.
Jim Davis

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