OT: Re: The late, great TRS-80

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at gjcp.net
Sun Aug 5 14:07:35 CDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-08-04 at 11:20 -0700, Chris M wrote:

>  Do the "bobbies" still use bikes in the rural areas

Nope, they use diesel Fiestas, until they get them taken away for
crashing too often.

I once got pulled over for speeding, 75 in a 60 limit, by the policeman
from the next village over.  Since he had a colleague in the car, he
could do that - they can't pull someone over if they're on their own,
lack of corroboration and all.

Not an hour had passed but I needed to pop over to a friend's house, not
far from the village where said plod was based.  Not being keen to meet
him again, I thought I'd take a twisty narrow back road, just wide
enough for one car.  Well, as I came round a particularly nasty
left-hander (turn tightens halfway through, camber falls out of the
turn, nearly caught me out before), I see the same policeman standing on
the verge, with his car nose-first into the peat bog beside the road.
Well stuck.

Out I got, noted the look of apprehension as I pulled a length of thick
chain out of the boot of my car.  Hooked one end to the towing eye on
his Fiesta, and the other to the towing eye on my Volvo.  A quick rumble
from the clattery old PRV V6, and Mr Plod's car was nicely four-square
on the tarmac in no time.  Barely a scratch to show for it; wash the mud
off the front bumper and no-one would ever notice.

Handed him back the speeding ticket.  "Don't think we need to say
anything about this, do we?  'Course not.  Lovely.  Drive safe now..."

Offtopic, I know, but it still makes me smile.

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