newbie building a scratch-built computer

Mike Ford mikeford at
Thu Aug 9 13:11:13 CDT 2007

woodelf wrote:
> Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
>> There's also Megasquirt, where you can buy the hardware platform as a
>> kit, and download the circuit diagrams and firmware source code.
> Umm time to change the subject line ... Fuel injection has very little
> with a scratch built computer.
> PS. Looking at  a PROM burner the lowest cost one I could find is $750.
> Where they that expensive (the programmers) back in the 70's when people 
> used them?

My first eprom burner was scratch built on a Apple II project card, a 
bit of address decoding logic, couple buffers, and a dac with an opamp.

Look around a bit and I am sure you will still find cheap and cheesy 
solutions, PC cards or something off the parallel printer connection.

BTW hacking the EEC IV in my 91 Mustang passes the 10 year rule just 
fine. You can find a hack of the Bosch Jetronic EFI brain on ebay right 
now, its the way modern hot rods work.

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