EPROM Programmers... on the cheap

Grant Stockly grant at stockly.com
Fri Aug 10 00:15:05 CDT 2007

At 10:18 AM 8/9/2007, you wrote:
>Rumor has it that woodelf may have mentioned these words:
>>Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
>>>There's also Megasquirt, where you can buy the hardware platform as a
>>>kit, and download the circuit diagrams and firmware source code.
>>Umm time to change the subject line ... Fuel injection has very little
>>with a scratch built computer.
>>PS. Looking at  a PROM burner the lowest cost one I could find is $750.
>>Where they that expensive (the programmers) back in the 70's when people 
>>used them?
>$289 USD for the kit ($300 even shipped anywhere in the US):
>It will do most stuff without adapters, but it *can* do 1702's if you buy 
>an adapter for it, which costs $59.00

I got pretty excited, but $59 is for read only.  : (  The 1702 write module 
is $695...


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