Can someone tell me what this means?

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Sat Aug 11 12:04:45 CDT 2007

At 12:18 PM -0400 8/11/07, der Mouse wrote:
>[quote from the NYT]
>>  In the [']80s, [UNIX] had a significant impact in the computer
>>  workstation and minicomputer markets, although it never gained a
>>  significant foothold in the personal computer business until Steven
>>  P. Jobs brought a version of Unix with him when he returned to Apple
>>  Computer in 1997.
>[response to it]
>>  What does Apple and Steve Jobs have to do with Unix?
>They gave Unix a foothold in the personal computer business when they
>switched from MacOS to something Unix-based.  I'd guess that, to a
>first approximation, all personal computers running anything Unixy are
>Macs running OSX.  (A second approximation would recognize Linux.
>Everything else is even more fringe.)
>Yes, I know OSX is Mach under the hood.  For the NYT's purposes (and a
>lot of others, too) it's Unix.

Actually with the next release it is Mac OS X is UNIX.  Leopard has 
attained the UNIX 03 certification from the Open Group.  The only 
other certified OS's are from Sun, IBM, and HP.

If you have a hard time accepting this, you're not alone, I know I 
do.  Though this makes me even more curious to see Leopard.  Of 
course *finally* having virtual desktops is enough to make me want it.


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