Can someone tell me what this means?

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Sat Aug 11 15:23:31 CDT 2007

William Donzelli wrote:
>> If OS X is really Unix under the hood, then why do vendors of several
>> of my high-end applications that are offered in Windoze and OS X
>> versions all say "We have no plans for a Linux version"?
> Because they want to make money?

Because they don't want to commit to supporting 827 different combinations of 
distribution / kernel version / desktop environment, I suspect. 99% of the 
time a piece of software will work regardless of the underlying OS, but 
vendors no doubt crap themselves about that 1%...

Shame they can't get their act together and make a version for a particular 
setup though, then still sell an unsupported flavour of the product for any 
other combo (but there's all the negative press that people bitching about 
things not working in an unsupported environment generates... sometimes users 
are their own worst nightmare)

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