Can someone tell me what this means?

Dave Dunfield dave06a at
Sat Aug 11 16:34:36 CDT 2007

> > Because they want to make money?
> I must be very thick today, so you'll need to explain.  Said vendors 
> already supply both OS X and Windows versions to all purchasers.  
> Which is actually used is entirely up to the customer.

While I'm sure it is possible to make money in Linux software, I
can tell you from personal experience that there is a strong
perception that "all things Linux should be free" - I sold cross
development tools for many years (still do actually), and I've
been asked about Linix versions many times - I don't think I ever
was asked if I'd sell Linux tools, or what they would cost etc...
But many times I got asked "how about free versions for Linux?"
... I never developed linux versions of my tools.


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