Can someone tell me what this means?

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Sun Aug 12 00:43:49 CDT 2007

> While Mac OS X has a UNIX layer under the hood, the GUI is where it
> is less than compatible.  While X-Windows is available, and so can
> run UNIX GUI applications, most Mac users don't even have it
> installed.  Most Mac applications are written for the native Mac OS X
> GUI.

While most UNIXes have X, X isn't necessary for UNIX. I have (and I 
know most people on the list probably also have) several Unices where X 
isn't included, one UNIX where X is optional (standard display is 
NeWS), and two Unices with something completely different.

I will confess to happily running Linux and OS X, and Linux makes a 
darn good can opener for assorted disks &cet. The number of different 
UI toolkits (and desktop environment support libraries/etc) that you 
wind up installing is somewhat outrageous, especially when you consider 
that many of them seem to be pretty much copying the UI of Windows.

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