Can someone tell me what this means?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Aug 12 11:16:07 CDT 2007

On 12 Aug 2007 at 13:10, Stroller wrote:

> When I got that workstation home I was *so* pleased with it. I wiped  
> the dust off it with a damp cloth and stood back and admired it, then  
> started taking it apart. (That old monkey curiosity, eh?) I was so  
> impressed with how solid & well-made it was - each piece of FAR  
> better quality than the commodity PC hardware I was familiar with  
> (despite having paid £115 for one of the first 56k PCI modems).

So shall it ever be, it seems.  We used to joke about how poorly most 
S100 equipment was made (as compared to the Multibus stuff).

At one time, there *were* high-quality PCs being produced for the 
commercial use market.  Even some of the old Deskpros were pretty 
well constucted.  I still use a 600MHz P3 as my mail server.  Old HP 
commercial PCs are similarly well thougt out.  There may still be 
such animals--but I haven't bought a new PC in years.

But let's face it--today's consumer PCs by and large are designed for 
a year or two of operating life.   They're essentially disposable 
items.  People upgrade even when they don't have to--and sometimes 
the upgrade path is forced by software bloat (but I'm not going to 
climb onto that horse right now).

If Apple wants to over-engineer their consumer products, then good 
for them.  I predict that the trend won't last, however.


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