FTGH: Sun ELC motherboards, odd k/bs, misc cables, portable terminal - UK

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Sun Aug 12 13:57:17 CDT 2007

Hi cctalkers,

The following have to go, within ~14days or they get binned.

4 x Sun ELC motherboards. 3 of these are complete with socket board
(so form a complete headless Sun machine if you add SCSI disk and run
them from a PC PSU - they have stub cables to wire the PSU to), the
third (which has no RAM) isn't, so is only good for spares or
upgrading an SLC. There are 10base2 AUIs with all of them. Post on
these in the UK will probably be ~£2.

1 x k/b marked "MICROCOLOUR Graphics" in top right corner. It has
VT220 layout, but the connector is a DE9 with only 5 pins fitted.
Brand new, still in wrapper. On the base is a sticker "part no:
EK000ZH01, model no: M2220D". UK post probably ~£4.

1 x Liberty "VT220 style" k/b, suitable for the Liberty Freedom One
terminals I gave away on this list last year. RJ11 plug, could work on
other terminals as well? Brand new in original box. Again, post about
£4ish. Also, one unboxed but good condition used one.

2 x LK411 (VT510) terminal k/b. VT220 style but with a PS/2 connector.
Post probably £4ish each.

1 x k/b for Falco 220 (?) VT220-clone. Ade Vickers may still have the
terminal this belongs to, if you fancy it. Postage £4-ish.

4 x BA35X PSUs for BA356 disk arrays. Standard IEC mains connector,
marked 100-240V 50/60Hz so OK anywhere. 3 are grey/green, one is blue.
Postage probably £4 each.

And a load of odd cables (all new in mfr's bags), post  ~£2ea:

1 x Selectronix "Xtreme" SEL-2276-0100, 2 HD50 females to what looks
like an HD100? Male.

 4 x Cisco Systems "Cable pair SMB to BNC - female" (3 cables per bag,
4 bags in total)

2 x 15-pin D to what looks like Cisco serial, labelled "CAB X21 MT, 10 METRES".

3 x 15-pin D to 44-pin 3-row D, labelled "BAY 7224 8 METRES"

1 x DB25 M to DE9 F, labelled "38YCN00001SDY 23/01 CTL 83443"

oh, and

1 x GR Electronics "Pocket VDU" portable terminal. (Rusty) DB25 F,
2-pos slide switch and 10-way DIP sw on rear. Unit is about 10" tall,
about 7" wide @ widest, and about 1.5" high. 2-line LCD.

Please mail if you want any.


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