Suggestions for rackmount floppy mounting

Doc Shipley doc at
Tue Aug 14 22:09:03 CDT 2007

Jim Leonard wrote:
> Charles Fox wrote:
>>         I have often cut  1/8" aluminum panels with a portable jigsaw. 
>> It's hard on the blade but it works, drill holes in the corners of the 
>> area and away you go.
> All this talk has inspired me to get a rack.  But do such things exist 
> as "personal" racks and/or half-height racks?  Or should I be resigned 
> to just finding a full-height rack somewhere for $400 and find a place 
> to put it?  (I have only about 10us of stuff to rack -- two scan 
> converters, two computers, that's it...)

   something like that?


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