The storage question

Michael Lee mikelee at
Thu Aug 16 18:08:53 CDT 2007

Uline sells various types, but it's not cheap.

The other problem with things like that pint sized pot, it fills up with 
water, and you need to be there to dump it out.  The packets would be 
good to put in with wrapped up items, I would think though. 

Jason T wrote:
> On 8/16/07, Andrew Burton <aliensrcooluk at> wrote:
>> Where can you buy silica gel for home/storage use?
> Here's a small pack.  There ought to be larger ones out there somewhere:
> The storage facility where I've rented sells pint-sized pots of
> "moisture absorber," which appears to be just a plastic container of
> silica with a vented top.

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