cctech Digest, Vol 48, Issue 26

Bill Yakowenko yakowenk at
Thu Aug 16 22:26:11 CDT 2007

Hey Bill, 4.5 hours in which direction from DC?

I'm about 4.5 hours south of DC, very near Raleigh NC.

I'm not doing much classiccmp-ing these days, but might
help out in a pinch, if it isn't too far....

Let me know.

    Bill Yakowenko.

You wrote:
> From: William Maddox <wmaddox at>
> To: cctalk at
> Subject: Large computer rescue - any collectors in the VA/PA/DC/WV/NC area?
> Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 17:18:49 -0700 (PDT)
> Message-ID: <713068.13956.qm at>
> I am arranging a large vintage computer rescue, and
> will be on-site Thursday and Friday to inventory the
> equipment and make arrangements.  There will be
> scrappers coming next week, so time is off the 
> essence.  From the most recent photos I have been
> sent, it looks like there may be more material there
> than was previously indicated, and possibly more than
> I will be able to handle. It is likely that I can set
> aside material for other collectors. I would be
> looking to get firm commitments over the next few days
> while I am on-site, as it may be difficult to get the
> owners to hold on to it otherwise. Material that may
> be available include Modcomp IIs, IBM 729 keypunch,
> 9-track tape drives, and possibly some Honeywell gear.
>  Please contact me if you have a serious interest and
> ability to remove this sort of gear, about 4.5 hours
> out of DC.
> -- Bill

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