The storage question

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Fri Aug 17 09:00:39 CDT 2007

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>Subject: Re: The storage question
>On 8/16/07, Andrew Burton <aliensrcooluk at> wrote:
>> Where can you buy silica gel for home/storage use?
>Here's a small pack.  There ought to be larger ones out there somewhere:
>The storage facility where I've rented sells pint-sized pots of
>"moisture absorber," which appears to be just a plastic container of
>silica with a vented top.

For rust prevention, has anyone tried volatile corrosion inhibitors? A suitable-looking one is the "Small Enclosed-Area Corrosion Inhibitors and Corrosive-Gas Absorber" (, catalog page 2049, $13 for one good up to 11 cu.ft) or those at .
The one at McMaster-Carr says it is good for electrical enclosures, but I wonder if there are any harmful effects on plastics or IC's.


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